Bringing Gibson Back to Life

As custodians of one of Saffron Walden’s most important historical figures, to be chosen by the Gibson Society to deliver a new brand is among our highest honours in our history as a company. The Reading Room has long been an unsung feature of the Saffron Walden Library, and features a large amount of the personal collection of Gibson himself. Aside from his work on the town, he was a well known botanist and was a stringent collector of interesting books on the subject.

The Gibson Society tasked Identity Creative with a new suite of logos that capture the essence of Gibson as a person, yet displayed in a sleek, modern and easily recognisable style. The new branding features the stork, as part of his family crest, with a crown around its neck and a colour suite that stood out among its surroundings. Identity Creative has applied this branding to a number of signs around the Saffron Walden Library, giving clear guidance towards the Reading Room and ensuring that it sees greater use from those visiting the building.

Also in the works is a selection of marketing material, including a general information leaflet and some event banners to carry their brand presence outside the confines of the library.

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