Cell-ebrating NBIC’s latest biofilm campaign

Identity Creative were delighted to be approached by valued client NBIC (The National Biofilms Innovation Centre), to continue working with them on their marketing campaigns.

NBIC gave Identity Creative the brief to create a series of enaging infographics that educate viewers on Biofilms and their societal impact. 

A clear, stylised and illustrative approach was taken when developing the infographics, in accordance with NBICs existing branding. To help differentiate the various catagories of information, each infographic was coloured using a seperate secondary colour from the NBIC colour palette.

The content of the infographics range from medical and human health, to food processing and marine biofouling. Given the complex subject matters it was important that the infographics use an approachable and appealing aesthetic.

The vibrant resources are part of the successful #BiofilmAware marketing campaign that Identity Creative have been working closely with NBIC on.

NBIC inforgraphics
NBIC inforgraphics
NBIC inforgraphics

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