Energising Exhibition Stands

Identity Creative are pleased to unveil the latest in their series of work for Data Energy, local experts in providing energy solutions for landlord supplies and common parts usage.

Whilst we have previously worked on their branding, name and online presence, this time we were commissioned to produce some exhibition graphics. The result is a demonstration of their branding in a clear and elegant manner; uncluttered and articulating the key information to visitors of their stand.

Also in attendance are Data Energy’s sister company, DMG. DMG specialises in building services maintenance for residential apartment blocks, schools and commercial buildings of all sizes. Despite being sister companies, it was important that the two brands be distinctive from each other, so as to maintain their own independence and identity. The result is a similar layout that emphasises core elements of each, retaining enough similarities to be identified together and enough distinction to be viewed as their own entity.

In the past, Identity Creative have worked with Data Energy on their online presence, optimising their content and refining their branding to bring clarity to their message and convert leads into recurring customers.

We are proud to have recently worked with Data Energy to produce their exhibition stands and wish them the best of luck in their events.

To find out more about Data Energy and their services, take a look at the website Identity designed for them here: dataenergy.co.uk

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