Beechwood Estates & Development

From logo and brand design to website development, Identity Creative have helped bolster the Beechwood Estates brand.

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Cambridge-based development and investment company, Beechwood Estates, are a longstanding client of Identity Creative.

Client Beechwood Estates

Services Logo & Brand Design, Website Design & Development, Stationary, Marketing Collateral, Signage

Year 2018 – Present


Consistent communication

clear brand message

From logo and brand design to stationary, marketing collateral and website design, Identity Creative have helped bolster the Beechwood Estates brand.

The logo was designed with Beechwood’s several divisions in mind, creating a different logomark and colour palette enclosed by a diamond for each group company. This consistent diamond element is also utilised as a brand element to help visually define the company on marketing collateral.

The creation of a full suite of stationary, including business cards, email signatures, letterheads, and compliment slips has enabled Beechwood’s branding to be present in all forms of communication.

A bold website was produced, opening with a full-page video banner displaying their high-end developments. The implentation of a filterable portfolio allows the company to display the extent of property investments and developments across the commercial and residential sector.

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