A revolutionary scientific company based near Cambridge.

Inivata Cambridgeshire

Evonetix are working towards developing and commercialising a highly disruptive gene synthesis platform to facilitate the fast-emerging and exciting field of synthetic biology.

Client Evonetix

Services  Web Design & Development, Marketing Materials, Exhibition Graphics

Year 2017 – Present

Client evonetix.com


A full suite

 engaging design and materials

Identity Creative were asked to redesign, rewrite and update the features of the existing website to accurately reflect Evonetix and their standing with their field. Careful attention was applied to delivering the core message in an engaging manner, with images, text and brand elements placed throughout. The site was also populated with a new suite of photographs, including new shots of the teams and their offices and equipment.

The navigation element of the site was subjected to a more substantial overhaul, with a tiled sidebar being preferred to the more traditional top-of-page setting. The change has helped Evonetix to stand out from their competitors as a forward thinking organisation that doesn’t tie themselves to established methods, as well as promote their content with a clean look and feel that is easy to navigate. The new site was prepared for launch ahead of schedule, allowing for Evonetix to have input on emphasising the finer points of their work.

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