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Gyroscope is a lifescience company which discovers, develops and delivers innovative medicines to preserve people’s sight.

Client Gyroscope

Services Brand Guidelines, Marketing Materials, Social Media Templates, Website Design and Development

Year 2019 – Present


Focussing on accessibility

for a clear and informative user journey

The company was created to bring the right people and resources together to fundamentally change the lives of patients suffering from retinal diseases.

Identity Creative have designed and developed Gyroscope’s new website with patients who have accessibility issues in mind. As an organisation specialising in developing and delivering medicine for patients with sight conditions such as retinal diseases, the layout and look-and-feel to the website was crucial. The site contains very clear calls to action and is comprised of a suite of colours that stand out from each other, ensuring that all information can be easily located. There has been a very clear and articulate font choice throughout the site, including a font resize tool for any patients struggling to make out the text.

Brand guidelines have been developed to ensure there is a consistent use of logos, typefaces and colour palettes throughout all Gyroscope collateral. These brand guidelines have then been referred and adhered to when Identity Creative designed a range of collateral for Gyroscope including newsletters, a company handbook, posters and infographics. Identity Creative have also begun managing the asset creation for Gyroscope’s social media campaigns, creating new banners on a regular basis.

Alongside the work Identity Creative have done for Gyroscope, a website has been commissioned and developed for their Subretinal Delivery System, Orbit. 

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