A new brand identity and website emphasising the best of what Isogenica have to offer

Client  Isogenica

Services  Brand Identity and Website Design & Development

Year  2012 – Present



Based in Cambridge, Isogenica develop highly versatile antibodies that are used for the treatment of a variety of serious diseases, including cancer and inflammation. Their work has attracted a significant amount of global interest, and their team has been expanding to include some of the most talented and dedicated individuals in their field.

Identity Creative were brought on board to breathe some life into their brand presence, the style of which they felt was becoming more commonplace in the industry. The logo and various brand elements were to be featured heavily on a new website created by Identity Creative, and emphasising the best of what they have to offer as an organisation.

The new logo was designed to be interpreted in a number of different manners, including an abstract appearance of antibodies and their unique ‘ribbon’ structure, the plotting of data, the individuals that make up the organisation and more. The purple colour at the heart of the branding was made prevalent throughout their website, which featured numerous other elements designed, created and facilitated by Identity Creative, such as the staff photography. Supplementing the website and appearing in other material for Isogenica were a template for their presentations, posters depicting their values as an organisation, and a selection of branded stationery.

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