Developing pioneering tools for treatment options in immune-mediated inflammatory diseases

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PredictImmune develops pioneering tools for guiding personalised treatment options in immune-mediated inflammatory diseases.

Client PredictImmune

Services  Marketing materials, Exhibition Graphics, Stationery, Website Design & Development

Year 2017 – Present


Designing & printing

a range of marketing assets

Its first product, PredictSURE IBD™, is a test for patients with newly diagnosed inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) that helps to reduce uncertainty in treatment choices.

Identity Creative have produced a range of online and printed marketing assets for the PredictSURE IBD™ test. A consistent visual style has been established throughout the collateral, with a bright colour palette and brand elements helping to distinguish it as a product under the larger PredictImmune brand.

A set of two gate fold brochures, one aimed at clinicians and one aimed at patients, have been designed to highlight the benefits of the PredictSURE IBD™ product. Identity Creative took careful consideration in the imagery and content produced. 

This was to ensure that any patient facing marketing collateral appeared friendly and informative, and avoided portraying immune-mediated inflammatory diseases in a daunting way.

Identity Creative have also designed a suite of materials including an exhibition stand, pull up banners, patient journey leaflets, results reports, online banner adverts and social media templates.

PredictImmune have also recently launched their new website designed and developed by Identity Creative. Benefiting from large video banners, bold iconography and bespoke graphic illustrations, the contemporary new website is an informative yet visually appealing platform for both patients and clinicians. 

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