Queen Mary Enterprise Zone

An innovative hub for Digital Health, MedTech and AI start-ups in East London


QME is an innovation hub, offering flexible, modern workspace for start-ups, with particular focus on Digital Health, MedTech and AI, in East London.

Client Queen Mary Enterprise Zone

Services Branding, Marketing Materials, Website Design & Development, Photography

Year 2010 – Present

Link qmenterprisezone.com

Striving to create

a modern and stylised brand

Identity Creative have worked closely with the Queen Mary University of London for over 10 years, this long-standing professional relationship has continued to bring new and exciting projects time and time again.

After being approached to create the branding for QME, as a result of previously successful projects, Identity Creative strived to design a modern and stylised brand. The resulting logo has then been implimented on a range of formats including a clean and contemporary website and marketing materials. 

Each piece of brand collateral has been designed to be engaging, communicating the importance and purpose of the innovation hub to all possible clients. It was important that the final outcome of each aspect of design was built upon the hub’s environment and purpose.

The QME website has been created to clearly mark and explain the space and availability to any user, therefore UX was a key factor through the design and launch of the site. To further enhance a user’s understanding of the hub, Identity Creative organised a professional photoshoot to bring the building to life.

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