Westbrook Properties

Showcasing our 10 year partnership with London-based property company, Westbrook

Lofthouse Hertfordshire

Westbrook Properties commissioned Identity Creative to undertake a range of projects from a major rebranding exercise across six shopping centres spanning the south-eastern region to property booklets, full signage and photoshoots for individual developments. 

Client Westbrook Properties

Services Brochure Design, Web Design, Branding, Signage, Photography

Year 2015 – Present

Link  westbrookpartners.com

A variety of marketing materials

brochures, websites and advertisements

Each individual project consists of a variety of marketing materials, everything from B2B and B2C brochures, websites, advertisements – to fully project managing the design, production and installation of all the signage. Each project has its own unique purpose, therefore ensuring the outcome not only reflects Westbrook Properties’ values but the unique branding, messaging and aspirations of every property and project.

Westbrook Properties, founded in April 1994, is a privately-owned, fully integrated real estate investment management company with offices in New York, Boston, Washington, DC, Palm Beach, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Munich, Paris and Tokyo.

Westbrook’s professionals have been among the world’s most active and successful investors, having raised and invested more than $14 billion of equity in over $50 billion of real estate transactions in major markets throughout the world.

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