Raising awareness with NBIC

The National Biofilms Innovation Centre are an Innovation Knowledge Centre (IKC), catalysing innovation in technologies and solutions to solve the challenges that biofilms present to industry.

Having established a close relationship with NBIC, modernising their brand identity and developing their contemporary website design, Identity Creative were brought on board to design their latest marketing campaign.

The #BiofilmAware campaign has been designed as a sub-brand in-line with NBIC brand guidelines to establish a consistent and recognisable presence.
As well as working on the branding for the campaign, Identity Creative designed a range of social media templates that make use of the #BiofilmAware brand identity through colour, brand assets and imagery. A campaign guide that outlines the information people need to support NBIC in delivering the campaign, has also been designed by our team. As this year-long campaign continues we look forward to working with NBIC and developing further resources for the #BiofilmAware marketing.
Assets from NBIC’s #BiofilmAware campaign can be viewed here: https://www.biofilms.ac.uk/biofilmaware/
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