Travelling towards a new look

Travel & Tourism Marketing (TTM) Ltd. is a boutique, full-service agency that specialises in travel and tourism representation.

As an established client of Identity Creative, we were pleased when TTM wanted to continue our work together by approaching to help modernise their brand.

Identity Creative began the rebranding process by creating 3 concepts for a new logo design. To keep in touch with TTM’s old logo, it was important to some how incorporate a globe within the new design. After presenting the logo options and possible colour palettes, TTM decided upon a clean logomark in a blue shaded colour palette.

Following the approval of the new logo, the TTM website was updated accordingly. Utilising the new brand colours, the refreshed website has a revitalised and contemporary appearance.

The updated website can be viewed here:

rxbiologics website
rxbiologics website
rxbiologics website

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